Driving Down to the Sea! (on a Bank Holiday weekend)


Car over WarfApparently this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend sees the largest traffic numbers on our roads for the whole year. It is also the busiest time for the breakdown services as cars are expected to go on long journeys without proper servicing or care…

“Lets go down to the sea,” she said,
“Let’s go down to the sea,
We can show our Jack the boats and the sand,
As he’s now turned three!”

“Did you service the car?” she said,
“Did you service the car?
We don’t want a truck to bring us back home,
Because it’s really too far!”

“We’ll have fish and chips” she said
“We’ll have fish and chips,
We can sit on the harbor wall and eat,
And show our Jack all the ships!”

“Why did we park on a slope?” she said,
“Why did we park on a slope?
There’s room in the car park over there,
You just have to pay that bloke!”

“What’s that falling in the sea?” she said,
“What’s that falling in the sea?
Are you sure you put the handbrake on?
‘Cos it looks like our car to me!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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