Driving Over Lemons!


Lemon pieLast night I enjoyed a tarte au citron for supper (following excellent meatballs made by my ‘demi-Italien’ friend Tony). Suddenly, without warning, I remembered a seller who made an annual trip to the car boot sale and I realised with shock that it must be at least ten years since I had seen him…

A man from Spain,
used to visit his mum,
who lived in the Midlands,
not far from ‘Brum’.
Before he left,
home on his trip,
from his garden,
fresh lemons he’d pick.
On his stall,
freshest fruit you’d see,
gone in an instant,
some for me.
So Señor limón,
where have you gone?
I remember your lemons,
though you have moved on!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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