Edible Nirvana!


Yesterday afternoon I wandered through from the office on the search for food! Mrs Bard will go nuts, because after a thorough search and having discounted any form of non-instant gratification, my eyes settled on some edible nirvana…

I was quite hungry,
Hadn’t eaten lunch,
Breakfast had long since gone,
Needed a quick munch!

I went to the fridge,
There was nothing there,
I went to the freezer,
It was awful bare.

I went to the larder,
Hoping for a find,
Success! A plate of wedding cake,
Had been left behind!

Now you either like the icing,
Or you like the cake,
But I just love marzipan,
My day it can always make!

So I sat down at the table,
Eager but restrained,
Ten minutes later,
Not a crumb remained!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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