Farmers Geese and Clouds!


CloudsWhen I did my UAV (drone) pilots training last June, the chief instructor, ex RAF pilot Sion, admitted to being a ‘cloud-fancier’. Having given this some thought, it would be obvious as it was his workplace! However I have to admit, I seem to have joined the ranks, yesterday was a great day for clouds…

Mare’s tails steak across the sky,
giving farmers ‘the glad eye’.
sunny weather here to stay,
there’ll be no rain today.

Geese munching on the grass,
aware today won’t be their last,
all they know as they munch together,
these high clouds mean sunny weather!

With thanks to Sion and RUSTA UAV Training for opening my eyes to the clouds! Why don’t you lift your head for a minute, it can be most revealing! (Cirrus clouds also mean good drone flying, so get out there!)
It was only when I had written the blog, added the un-edited photo and published to the Internet that I noticed the goose-shaped whip of cloud!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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