Fields of Brown!

Photo from new DJI Mavic Drone

Photo from new DJI Mavic Drone

By this stage in the autumn an arable farmer’s fields should be green with winter wheat. Ours are still brown (when seen from the drone). The lack of rain has postponed emergence in parts of the fields and we were desperate for rain. Having had almost no decent rainfall for 66 days the heavens opened overnight…

Putting out the puppy,
early in the morning,
I wondered why my hair was wet,
without a hint of warning!

Then I realised with a shock,
the rain was pouring down,
I almost danced a jig right there,
in my dressing gown!

16 millimetres in the gauge,
that’s a good start for ten!
I grabbed the naughty puppy,
and went back to bed again!

091116© Baldock Bard 2016
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