Fiji’s Finest Water!


There are some changes in life that hit you like a brick and some that creep up unnoticed. I have never let food miles question what went into my trolley at the supermarket, or so I thought…

I went to the shop to buy some water,
Because I needed a drink,
And there on the shelf I found a bottle,
That made me step back and think.

The bottle of water was from over the seas,
Ten-thousand miles away,
Takes twenty-one hours and more to get there,
For a litre of water, £1.54 to pay!

I looked at the bottle it was so pretty,
But who was benefiting most?
Did any money filter back to the Islands?
Or just company profits to post?

I went to the website I found by Google
Their H.Q. in L.A. can be found
They help the Islanders through paying for projects
And promoting the water from under the ground.

So it looks as if everything’s OK,
I can drink the water guilt-free.
I have to say it tastes very fresh,
And all that in the end suits me!

© Baldock Bard 2012

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