Financial Perambulations!


Yesterday, as apprentice grandparents, Mrs Bard and I went unaccompanied to the baby section of a large department store. It was a shock. For some reason I had thought that there was a recession and that money was tight. Prams we looked at (I think that’s what they might be called although they bore no resemblance to anything we had when we were producing children) cost £600, £700 and even £950. I came away with a feeling of inadequacy at our £20 purchase at the car boot sale…

The Rolls-Royce of prams was on display,
I thought it looked quite nice.
But had to suddenly look away,
When confronted by the price!
I started to sweat, I was in deep shock,
I really felt unwell.
Other grandparents would probably mock,
And call me mean as well.
So we continued shopping next door,
While the shock subsided.
And I saw the reason some can pay more:
Free cash was being provided!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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