Fine Before Seven Rain after Eleven!


The QueueCar boot sales are totally dependent on the weather. Even the slightest shower of rain in this part of the UK will send buyers scurrying for their cars, game over! This season hasn’t been kind on the weather front, when rain has been forecast it has usually been on a Saturday. This has a serious effect on visitors to the sales. At the time of writing it is 05:30 on a Saturday morning, who knows what awaits me down the road…

They’re queuing in a field just east of Baldock,
On a Saturday morning well before seven!
Their vehicles are all full of many surprises,
They’re queuing to attend car boot sale heaven!
The forecasters haven’t done it any sort of justice,
They’re forecasting rain soon after eleven,
Don’t they know that this is Home Counties?
Where it doesn’t rain as much as in Devon!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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