All FriendsMrs Bard and I spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by a random selection of friends. When they had all scattered back to their everyday lives and the sun had disappeared beyond the horizon, I suddenly realised how lucky we were in friendship. Someone once told me that you don’t make lasting friends when you get older. Believe me that’s so untrue, most of the friends who’s company we enjoyed yesterday, were unknown to us ten years ago. Go on, shock yourself, make a new friend today…

Where would we be without friends?
On a wonderful sunny afternoon,
There’s talk and laughter and merriment,
And the day passes all too soon!
Some friends fall by the wayside,
When it’s bumpy they just can’t hang on,
But others just cling tighter,
And are there when things go wrong!
So here’s to you and to friendship,
To times we’ll never forget,
Maybe I don’t even know you,
It’s simply we haven’t yet met!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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