George the Giraffe!


The other day we went as a family to a local wildlife park. Now I know there are those who are adamant that the only place to see wild animals is in the wild in their natural habitat. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to pop to Africa and so the park was the next best thing. The animals were wonderful, but my favourite was a lone giraffe…

George the giraffe,
was hiding you see,
in the wildlife park,
behind a tree!
People driving by,
stopped to stare,
George kept on hiding,
he didn’t care!
Some people laughed,
some felt sad,
George just grinned,
“My life isn’t bad!
All those who’d eat me,
are behind tall wire,
there’s food in these buckets,
you couldn’t get higher!
I have all that I need,
right here by this tree,
if I were in the wild,
you couldn’t see me!”

Have a great day and good luck with hide and seek!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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