Golden Moments!


The other day I watched a father paddling down the river with his young daughter and I knew I was witnessing something special. As they passed I called across, “You’ll always remember this golden moment!” He replied “I know!” We should all make time for such times with our offspring to give us memories to store for later…

Floating down the river,
on a paddle-board with his daughter,
he’s with her because he wants to be,
not because he oughta.

They’re sharing golden moments,
for the day that she leaves home,
Maybe she’ll live far away,
New York or even Rome!

There’s an extra bonus,
One we should not forget,
If she texted her friends right now,
her phone could get soaking wet!

Do you remember golden moments with your offspring?
If not – make time to make some as soon as you can!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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