Good Grief Mrs Jones!


Sometimes it is nigh-on impossible to find a picture to go with a verse. This morning is one of those times. When two ex-neighbours meet there are sometimes undertones that hint at old wounds being opened. This is one of those pieces of writing that just was composed ‘on the hoof’, in other words it evolved as it was written, I hope you like it …

Good grief Mrs Jones
Is that really your son?
He seems to have grown
Since he was one!

Yes! Mrs Smith
It really is he!
And just to think
He once sat on your knee!

Good grief Mrs Jones
Hasn’t he grown!
He’s just like his dad
Is he a clone?

Yes! Mrs Smith
They’re almost the same
Except that his dad
Went as he came!

Good grief Mrs Jones
I heard he had gone
Didn’t you notice
Something was wrong?

Yes! Mrs Smith
When I woke in the morning
I noticed an absence
Of farting and snoring!

Good grief Mrs Jones
How did you cope?
Didn’t you mind
Not having a bloke?

No! Mrs Smith
I just did without!
The main difference was
I had no need to shout!

Good grief Mrs Jones
Is that really the time?
I’ve just got to dash
Home to feed mine!

Goodbye Mrs Smith
You nosey old cow!
Come son we’ll go
You can drive me home now!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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