Goosey Thoughts on a Wet Saturday Morning!


GooseI’ve been sitting in my car in the darkness of an early and wet Saturday morning on the side of a main road. Due to heavy rain I’ve had to cancel the car boot sale and I’m sitting here in the early morning light turning eager customers away! Every so often a large truck speeds past sending a tsunami of water over the car. So far I’ve turned seven customers away. I wish I were a goose…

I wish I were a goose,
Floating down the river,
Thinking lots of goosey thoughts,
Through the water sliver.
I wouldn’t care if it’s raining,
Wouldn’t need a hat or coat!
I enjoy all sorts of food,
But salad floats my boat!
If I were a goose,
I’d be elsewhere today,
But the way my luck is going,
I’d end up as pâté!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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