Grandfather Rights!


Following the abolition of Grandfather Rights on farms, I now find myself in need of training in order to do what I used to do as a matter of course. I have completed and passed my PA6A (for knapsack sprayers see (, but found myself without the foundation course PA1 (Safe Use of Pesticides). Some have questioned my rush for certification, even going so far as to enquire whether I shall be signing up for course ZF3 – safe handling of a Zimmer frame…

Having passed my PA6 it was enquired of me:
“you have no PA1, as far as I can see!”
So yesterday to Whittlesford for more training I went,
‘back to the classroom for you’ I was sent!
Another candidate 40yrs younger than me,
“You here for the Zimmer course, that I can see!”
I replied ‘pardon, my hearing is so poor,
are you in a draught? Then I’ll shut the door!”
I started spraying in nineteen seventy-four,
Now I’ve learned lots I didn’t know before.
Gary taught me much, notes page after page,
Continuous Professional Development…
…even at my advanced age!

Thanks to teacher Gary for his patience in imparting so much information in such a short space of time. Many thanks (with good luck and best wishes) to the other pupil, Katie, who was kind enough not to point out that I was probably old enough to be her grandfather. Gary and Robert (the examiner!) can be found at the Saffron Walden Training Group

© Baldock Bard 2017
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