Happiness is…!


Floating down the riverDo you remember a famous advert on TV for a cigar in which a man was shown to be at peace with the world? The tag line was something like: ‘Happiness is a cigar called…!’ (play by Shakespeare, six letters starting with H). Back in those pre-‘everything is bad for you’ days, adverts for pipe tobacco always showed a man luxuriating in tranquil surroundings, sucking on a pipe. Nowadays, unless you are highly stressed, running in your local park for relaxation and hyperventilating over a problem at work, then you are either odd, old fashioned or on drugs. I saw a man in a boat on the river this weekend with his dog. He looked so relaxed he must have been either odd, stoned or contemplating a pipe or cigar…

There’s a man on the river,
who gets my vote,
gently paddling with his collie,
in a little red boat.
If he’s stressed,
it certainly doesn’t show,
he may stop for a pint,
before onward go!

I don’t know what he does,
I don’t know where he goes,
but I’m simply assuming,
around him life just flows.
In years gone by,
he’d sit and consider,
along with his pipe,
as he drifted down the river!
© Baldock Bard 2013
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