Harvest Home 2014!


Harvest HomeSo that was Harvest 2014! A mixed bag in anyone’s books. On this farm wonderfully early with average yields. However in some fields: disastrous outputs caused by choking of the wheat by a weed called Blackgrass. As our weed-killing armoury is restricted further and further by legislation in the UK, but not always abroad, we will have to consider the way forward very carefully. However harvest is over, time to prepare for the next one…

Harvest is over
We all shed a sigh,
Life shifts down a gear
No more dust in the eye!

The earliest harvest,
I’ve known for some years.
We got it all in,
Despite rainy fears.

The final disaster,
A blocked-up conveyor,
Beans spilt everywhere,
Irritating delayer!

But all is not finished,
For any farm men,
As now we prepare,
To start planting again!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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