How to Untangle Christmas Lights!


ch lightsHere we are, Christmas Eve, and I wonder how many of you have had your fill of ropes of lights? Over the last few days I have spent hours trying to untangle thousands of miles of lights with varied success. It must be a ‘man thing!’…

Find box of lights in attic/cupboard/garage
Do not see if they are working as they were OK when put away last January
Take lights and shake vigorously
Say magic work “Fu-Kinell”
Swear at the cat/dog
Pour a drink
Eat a mince pie
Repeat until threatened by partner
Schake thes lightz agen
Shepeat margic rurds
Plead with shild not to use mashic rurds in school/kitchen/friends house
Bribe shild with shocolates
Open vlotlle of wiern
Shak z lits shum mor
Haz nufer dlink
Shred on lichs
Take zhen to reflyclin bun
Tell partner “bruken lichs!”
Pour mur wiern
Mish grass

Happy Christmas to you and yours from the Baldock Bard

© Baldock Bard 2015
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