I Was Bored Too!


A friend’s 23-year-old daughter recently posted on Facebook that she was bored. Rather than enter into an age-related rant about how lives used to be busier, harder and more fulfilling all those years ago, I decided to think closely as to how the subject related to me. After an hour of staring into space, three cups of coffee and a stroll around the kitchen, I remembered when I was last bored…

I used to drive a crawler tractor
Up and down the fields,
Dusty, dirty and noisy,
Clanking tracks with no quiet wheels!

Up and down, up and down,
Cultivating all day long,
Neither radio nor air-conditioning,
Just noise that was so wrong!

There was no mobile phone,
No i-pod in my pocket,
No digital delight come the night,
Just a slammed cab door and “Fockit!”

I was bored not just to tears,
(Caused by the bloody dust!)
That I made a pact to myself that day,
Get rid of it I must!

So I bought a Merc from Germany,
The colour was yucky green,
It had a stereo and air-con,
And handled like a dream!

Since that day when boredom shows,
I soon find stuff to do,
And remember back to noisier days,
When I was so bored too!
Photos (1976 & 1988):
Fiat 80c
Mercedes MB Trac 1500

© Baldock Bard 2013
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