I Win the Title ‘Pillock of the Year’ (an Aga-saga)!


AgaThe other day I was very presumptuous. I suggested to a friend that she’d wrested the title of ‘Pillock of the Year’ from me. Furthermore I went so far as to suggest that I would have to up my game in order to re-establish myself as a ‘Prize Pillock!”I didn’t have long to wait…

I only had one job to do,
And that was re-light the Aga,
The fact that it took all morning,
A drama became a saga!
I’ve done the job so many times,
Could do it in the dark,
I hadn’t done it for a while,
Was no walk in the park!
After two hours wasted,
Should have been just minutes,
The bloody switch was set to off!
I was a ‘Ninny-Ninnits!*”

*Which is apparently another name for a pillock in no less than thirteen different countries worldwide! It serves me right for not calling a real expert – Duncan from newtonagaservices@sky.com who is our Aga Guru.
Main picture from http://www.agaliving.com the place to go for all things Aga!
Aga 2

You don’t ever want to spend time on the floor looking into this abyss, step away and call for Duncan!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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