Idiot Of The Year Award, Gold-Plated Winner: ME!


Workshop PowerYesterday afternoon we went to use the welder in our workshop only to find it wouldn’t work. We tried inserting a new welding rod, we upped the power, we checked the terminals and took the large plug apart. Then we tried the workshop lights which refused to raise even a glimmer. After I looked at the large power input board to the farm I gave up and called our electrician…

I couldn’t use the welder,
There was no power,
I’d been trying,
For almost half an hour!
I went looking,
In the back of the shed,
For some sort of fuse,
Found cobwebs instead!
So I rang our Sparks
“Please can you come?
The welder is dead
Not even a hummm!”

“I can’t come now,
But see you in the morning,
Just leave it alone,
With power there’s no warning!”
On my way back,
In the next door barn,
I found a switch,
Faced it with alarm!
‘Workshop Power’
In large letters glowing,
I switched it on,
The electric started flowing!

My next move,
Apologise to Dean,
“I’ve been a plonker,
Biggest you have seen!
I turned off everything,
Before I went to bed,
Didn’t think about the workshop,
Never entered my silly head!”

The moral of the tale:
Check every switch,
Before your Sparks wastes a journey,
That lands you in the ditch!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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