Internet-Ready Henz!


henzOver the years we have had a variety of hens on the farm. Most have ended their days on the menu for Monsieur Reynard (the fox). We have had a variety of shapes, sizes and characters, however the current trio are possibly the funniest we’ve ever known…

The three hens on the farm
are internet-ready,
there’s Daphne, Sonja,
and one that’s called Freddie!
They look as if someone,
has used Photoshop,
to accentuate their markings,
not knowing when to stop!
They wander the farm,
like old ladies on the bus,
grumbling and gossiping,
and making a fuss!
Yes they’re ornamental,
of that there’s no doubt,
but to be perfectly honest,
it’s fun having them about!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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