I’ve Been Framed by Collapsing Chair!


Collapsed CharIt is a blessing that there are very few photos of me in circulation. My image tends to crack lenses, cause power cuts and destroy hard drives! However an embarrassing photograph has surfaced so I deemed it important that I release it before others take the opportunity. Needless to say not a drop of drink had been taken, you’ll have to believe me on that one…

I was sitting very comfortably,
Underneath a tree,
When all of a sudden,
The chair gave way under me!
Everybody laughed,
I thought with some relief,
Nobody had a camera,
‘You’ve Been Framed’ beyond belief!

And then to my amazement,
A picture of my fail,
Legs in the air upon my back,
Arrived to my E-mail!
So thank you Hazel for the snap,
I suppose it serves me right,
If I can’t take as well as hand it out,
No-one would view my plight!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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