I’ve Been Framed!


Eye TestI have new glasses. Suddenly my world is clearer and brighter, and despite certain people suggesting ‘you’ve been framed!’ and singing ‘you can see clearly now that the frame has gone!’ I am thankful that I have new glasses. Very soon the jokes will evaporate and people will pick on somebody else…

As you may have read the other day,
I lost my glasses loading hay.
I blundered my way through all my chores,
Hitting my head on lintels and doors!
So at Mrs Bard’s request,
I went to Alders for an eye test,
The wonderful people there were so kind,
Chased up my glasses in double quick time.
I’d been driving Mrs Bard around the bend,
Thanks to Alders she enjoyed her weekend!
AldersAlders Opticians can be found at http://www.alldersopticians.com and provide an excellent local service. (By Appointment to The Baldock Bard!).

© Baldock Bard 2014
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