Jubilee at Baldock! (Jubilee pt1)


The Jubilee Weekend has started with typical British summer weather – it’s raining crowns and sceptres. However our spirits won’t be dampened, so it’s on with the stiff upper lips and let the celebrations begin…

The Queen will be busy this weekend
There will be cheering and playing by bands.
Wherever she goes, a tune that she knows,
Will be played whenever she stands.

She never sees a weed in her garden
Or puts out the Royal Wheelie Bin,
She never goes out, for a ‘quick half of stout’
Or eats food that comes from a tin

One doesn’t do Asda with ‘hubby,’
It’s certainly not royal or serene,
Can you imagine the Duke with a trolley?
“And what shall we have tonight Queen?”

If Her Majesty gets fed up with reigning
Or hard times should ever prevail
We’d offer her (in exchange for a ‘Sir’?)
A pitch at One’s ‘Royal’ car boot sale!
© Baldock Bard


The Baldock Car Boot Sale’s 20th anniversary season continues every Saturday!

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