Life is Like a Biscuit Tin!


BiscuitsIsn’t life remarkable? Some days your confidence is so great that you feel you could lift the heaviest weights in the gym before breakfast using just your little finger. Other days your confidence is so low, it’s all you can do to pick up a coffee mug! Today marks my 1,299th published blog! It’s all down to biscuits in the tin…

Life is like a biscuit tin,
you only get out what you put in.
If you arrive and there’s nothing there,
it just shows that life’s not fair.
If the Bourbons have been eaten,
accept you’re late you have been beaten.
The plainest biscuits left behind,
are often reliable, solid and kind.
If often disappointment you have shown,
you know what? Buy your own!

Have a great day and enjoy those biscuits! Somewhere a farmer is glad you do!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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