Limpy The Pheasant!


LimpyIn the open-sided shed behind the house I have a place for sweepings from the grain store. All kinds of birds flock there to eat, particularly during this cold and snowy weather. One frequent visitor is Limpy the cock-pheasant who cannot help but smile these days…

Limpy the pheasant is most relieved,
To see February around again,
He doesn’t care about the snow,
He doesn’t mind the rain,
He just satisfies himself,
To live right by the farm,
And limp up to the feeding bay,
With no sense of alarm!
There is no more sound of shooting,
No men dressed up in tweed,
His only worry is each day,
Where am I going to feed?
The only thing to worry him,
Apart from that old dog fox,
Is whether he’ll find himself a hen,
Before any other cocks!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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