Lost in the Suburbs and Far From Home!


IMG_1839I went to a garden centre the other day and not being too interested in plants I wandered about looking for something to amuse. I had no idea that garden ornaments came in such shapes and sizes. In the middle of one display I even came across a visitor from a distant land…

I’m looking for directions,
I think I’m lost you see,
I took to the water far away,
Kind of drifted in the sea.

I think it’s time for dinner,
I’ve had no fish today,
I went into the restaurant,
All the staff just ran away!

I thought I’d take a nap,
In this display of plants,
A woman said ‘sacré bleu’
I think this may be France!

So I need to go back home,
To give them all a warning,
There’s no fun in a temperate clime,
Beware of Global Warming!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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