Malice through the Bedside Glass!


In glassThere was a cautionary tale in the media recently about a man whose teeth fell out. He had been addicted to sugary drinks, had gone abroad for some cheap replacement dentures and suffered disastrous consequences. However this is nothing compared to the embarrassment felt in the following tale…

Jayden Smith is quite bereft,
Thanks to cola he’s no teeth left!
He can’t blame Pepsi, he can’t blame Coke,
Own-brand Cola floats his boat!
The only bonus is quite fulfilling,
No more dentist, no more drilling!

He took a girl home to bed,
In the middle of passion she suddenly said:
“What are those things in the glass I see?
If they’re your teeth, your’re history!”
He opened his mouth to tell her ‘No!’,
She screamed, “Is that the time? I must go!”

The moral of the tale is easy to give,
If you date with dentures use fixative!

Authors note: The name used here (and the unfortunate event) is an entire fabrication and bears no resemblance to anyone likewise named. No animals were harmed in the manufacture of this product. Serving suggestion only!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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