Man Holds Up Supermarket Checkout!


Plastic BagsImagine the scene: It is a weekday afternoon, you’ve finished work, picked up two grumpy kids from school and entered ‘Mummies Hell’. That’s right, you are doing the shopping for the weekend. Finally your trolley is full, the job is done, when…

Upon reaching the checkout,
The final hurdle to climb,
You start to fill the conveyor belt,
Shopping done in record time!
The trolley’s finally empty,
You sort the bags for life,
But there is a hold-up,
A man without his wife!
He’s a-struggling and a-wrestling,
His shopping’s in a pile,
The carrier bags won’t open,
He may quite a while!
So you saunter over,
With that withering look you can,
“The reason you can’t open them,
Not your fault you’re a man!”

With thanks to the kind lady who opened some bags for me this week. Yes! I did notice ‘the look’ and Yes! I did concede it was a gender failing and Yes! I did laugh with the lady on the checkout at my failing – OK? And still I find I can’t open the ‘effin things!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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