Matt the Happy Fisherman!


Talking FishermanThe other day I came across a remarkable scene. Friend Matt was lying stretched out in his small dingy, megaphone in hand, talking to the fish in the river. I quietly snuck away and called for help, I had no idea that communication with fish was possible…

A fisherman I know has a birthday today,
He’s tall and quiet, not much to say!
He has a skill that may astonish:
He is able to talk to fish!
Out in his boat with a megaphone,
They seem unable to use the phone!
He shouts quite loud so it appears,
Because of course they have no ears!
He splashes the water to take a look,
“Get ready my beauties to take my hook!”
Of fish on his plate there’s a lack,
Because of course he throws them back.
After spending many hours with hook and bait,
An Indian take-away is on his plate!

Happy Birthday to Matt, ‘The Happy Fisherman!’

© Baldock Bard 2014
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