The Big Yellow Dinosaur!


Yellow Dinosaur!Yesterday my 2¾-year-old granddaughter watched as I took some broken hay bales into the wood. She kept at a safe distance, under her mother’s close supervision, while the task was carried out. While having a good understanding of most jobs on the farm (thanks are also due to her favourite programme – Tractor Ted!), she also has a healthy imagination…

The big yellow dinosaur came out of the wood,
hay fell from his jaws: “that was good,
I’ve eaten all my salad if you please”
Let out an enormous burp, that echoed around the trees!
He strode across the field, saw the little child,
reached out his neck, “I’m really not that wild!
When you are older and you have passed your test,
you can ride with me and wear a fluorescent vest!”
But the child had already lost interest in what her grandfather was doing and was picking wild flowers!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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