Meeting and Making Friends!


FriendsThis morning I am cheating. Every month I place a rhyming advert for the car boot sale in a local magazine (On Your Doorstep – Baldock). Last month’s was written very quickly on deadline day, I almost wrote it without thinking. Re-reading it this morning I suddenly realised that it rather summed up the car boot sale and what I think is our greatest achievement over twenty-four years…

Many go to the Boot Sale,
Not just to sell or buy,
But meet up with old friends,
And say ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi!’
They have a cup of coffee,
maybe something to eat,
They always meet on Saturdays,
be there every week!
They say it’s always friendly,
I believe it’s true,
So next Saturday we’re hoping,
We might see you there too!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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