Memories at Offord Lock!


Offord LockIs there a place you know that forever reminds you of somebody?
Mrs Bard and I were on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire this week. On a narrow-boat the top speed is around 4mph and so there is plenty of ‘thinking time’ as you steer a path that in a car would take minutes, but by boat takes hours. There are also locks to negotiate that can add considerably to journey time. It is one of these locks that will forever remind me of a friend who left us two years ago today.
Marsya and her husband Tony were with us for the weekend and we had to go through Offord Lock on our journey. While we were working the lock, I watched Marsya go over to a small table where there were cakes for sale in aid of charity. I took a couple of snapshots, not professional photographs, just holiday snaps!

Mars1This week, travelling through the same small countryside lock, I remembered that insignificant moment (woman buys cakes from table!) and thought of Marsya. Then I trawled through my un-catalogued digital-drawer to find the photos.
I post them this morning for two reasons. Firstly, to remember a great friend, who is sorely missed by all who had the great fortune to meet and know her. Secondly, as a reminder to us all, to enjoy and rejoice at those small insignificant moments when they happen, as they may turn out to be more important than they might seem at the time.
Mars2Enjoy a great weekend

Baldock Bard

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