Moss-Killer Not Required!


J1738Having lived in the same house for thirty-odd years, the concept of moving is alien to me. However, much to the relief of removal companies, cardboard box manufacturers and suppliers of that strange brown tape, others move with a frequency that leads to their entry in address books being in pencil…

Our friends are on the move again!
Somewhere that’ll be near the train.
The address change comes by internet,
Must make a note before I forget.
By relocating to a brand new town,
They’re trying to cut their contacts down?
They’ll have to try a little bit more,
To shake me off, I know the score!
They may be cunning but me-thinks,
I’ll invite myself to the house-warming drinks!

*Also, I happen to know of a rather good car boot sale where disposal of unwanted items can be of great pleasure to those who relocate!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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