Mr Shovel’s Retirement!


Yesterday afternoon just before 3pm, Mr Shovel announced his retirement from grain shifting on the farm. Unfortunately Miss Broom who worked alongside him chose the same moment to hand in her notice. Apparently they have been an item for some time and with the prospect of no more grain handling are moving to a retirement complex near Wisbech…

Mr Fred Shovel and Miss Suzy Brush,
have retired their services in rather a rush!
They cleared the barn floor of beans,
not as easy as it seems,
once the load was on the lorry,
they downed-tools no hint of “Sorry!”
caught the coach from outside town,
shouted “we will never see you around!”
and as they left a kiss did linger,
looked out of the window gave me the finger!
As I closed the empty shed,
no more crops, no more Fred!
No more sweeping a dusty barn,
with Suzy Brush on my arm!
As Harvey Harrison drove away,
I realised tomorrow is another day!
With grateful thanks to L&H Transport who have carted my crops for over thirty years and have never seemed to tire of carting from a grumpy old farmer!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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