Mrs Meerkat’s Monday!


This morning I came across Mrs Meerkat. She looked exhausted. So tired that she lay down on the path in front of her house and refused to move, not even when offered a cup of tea! Never being one to complain I didn’t expect to hear of all her troubles…

“My seventeen children,
have just left for school,
I normally cope,
I’m really quite cool.
But today is Monday,

there’s Ballet and Tap,
at least no football or rugby,
it’s Tuesdays for that!
The old man’s on business, 
he’s gone for a week,
could have sworn I just saw him, 
in the High Street!
There’s a huge pile of clothes, 
I’ve got to iron,
I’m awaiting the plumber
a nice man called Brian!
But above all,
I’m not really fine,
I went to the cupboard,
I’ve run out of wine!”

Have a great week and don’t let your troubles (or your seventeen children) get you down!
Thanks to Mrs Meerkat for the photo (you can meet her and her family at Paradise Wildlife Park

© Baldock Bard 2017
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