My Bargain Hunt!


Bargain HuntDo you ever pretend you’re in a TV show when you’re going about your daily life? Perhaps when you drive to work you pretend you’re the subject of one of those numerous fly-on-the-wall police shows or Top Gear? I prefer something more sedate when walking around the car boot sale or in an antiques shop…

I don’t have long to make my selection,
for my very own ‘Bargain Hunt’,
I reject the well-worn teddy bear,
when you press it there’s a grunt!
Quite a nice antique vase,
has a certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi!’
but I think it’s over-priced,
would probably drop it on the way to the car!
So many items have caught my eye,
(most of them don’t even rhyme!),
so I go to the pub for a pint,
leaving my Bargain Hunt ’till another time!

Of course the most bargains are to be found on a Saturday at the Baldock Car Boot Sale (see below!)

© Baldock Bard 2016
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The Baldock Boot Sale
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April – October 2016

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