My Dirty Habit!


Dirty HabitApparently, according to a recent article, being a man, I am 85 percent more likely to indulge in ‘a dirty habit’ than a woman. My heinous crime? Reading in the loo! I am guilty as charged and await my punishment…

Whilst sat in the smallest room at home,
I commit a crime (amongst women unknown!)
I use the time to imbibe information,
From magazines of every nation!
Arable Farmer or Canal Boat too,
Or an interesting blog from Timbucktu!
A book on my Kindle will suit just fine,
Or a magazine that reviews red wine!
I sit there daily, not uniquely,
All engrossed in Farmers Weekly!
Am I ashamed, not a bit,
I think I might just learn to knit!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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