My New Friend Dr Oz!


Dr OzLast night while driving back from hunter-gathering at a local takeaway, I started to sing along to the radio! When the DJ (or at least that’s what they used to call them!) returned, she asked if I’d been singing along. This frightened me and made me wonder if she also knew I’d been to fetch ‘forbidden fruit’. This morning I have a new and very important friend helping me to resist takeaways and possibly also cure my terrible in-car singing. Dr Oz has e-mailed me with some wonderful news. Indeed, so keen was he to pass on the good news that he arranged for several of his friends to e-mail me as well! No longer will I have to worry about being caught with a calorie-fest as his magic potion will sort it all out for me! So three cheers for Dr Oz and his remarkable cure…

According to Doctor Oz,
I’m putting on weight, because,
It’s all to do with my NCS,
(nothing to do with any excess!)
My brain’s been sending hunger signals,
My stomach finds comfort in tubes of Pringles!
He’s found an answer to all this trouble,
(No eating of brick or spoonful of rubble!)
I send him cash and very soon,
I’ll be thin enough to make a broomstick swoon.
In order to tempt me to make this count,
He’s offered me a large discount!
So sod the diet! Sod the fat!
I’ll sing in the car and not look a prat!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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