Nature’s Finest View


Sunset over WaterLast night I took a photograph of the sunset over the river. It was breathtaking, although my photographic skills are sadly lacking and reliant on my ‘point and squirt’ digital camera. We do indeed live in a wonderful world…

The world turns gold,
And the promise,
That was today,
Slips silently away,
To become tomorrow.

The watery reflection,
like a tantalizing glimpse,
of another world,
That perhaps we’ll see,
Tomorrow or another day,
Or maybe not at all?

The swan floats serenely by,
As if it’s part of this other world already!

Nature’s most exquisite picture,
Slowly fades,
As the sun moves on,
To other continents,
And other times,
Leaving behind just darkness.

Happy 1st day back to work after the holiday!
The weekend is a day closer this week!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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