Nature’s Light Show!


Rainbow 130513A couple of evenings ago there was a stunning rainbow. It was so spectacular that it took a moment before I grabbed my trusty camera. The results were less than worthy until I ran outside into the rain with a ‘too-impressive-to-worry-about-the-camera’ attitude. I was so stunned at the beauty of natures light show that I almost forgot to take any pictures…

“There’s gold at the end of the rainbow!”
My old mother used to say,
There wasn’t much gold
only rain, wet and cold,
With one the other day.

I rushed out with my trust spade,
To see what I could find,
Just a root
and a chickens foot,
That the fox had left behind!

I left the gold for some other fool,
And instead looked on with pleasure,
The colours were bright
in the stormy light,
I knew I’d discovered treasure!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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