No Frost Today!


FrostworkYesterday morning I managed to cultivate for five hours taking advantage of a hard frost. This morning, hoping that the conditions would be repeated, I found myself waking and checking the outside thermometer at regular intervals through the night. Alas cloud cover meant interrupted sleep…

I needed a frost this morning,
Just a minus 1 would do,
the tractor lay waiting in the shed,
prepared, cultivate, to do!
Alas the weather had other ideas,
sending cloud to cover clear sky,
leaving this expectant farmer,
to look up to the clouds and curse ‘WHY?’
But there was one consolation,
back to a warm bed I went,
and snore like an old humpy camel,
the extra sleep heaven sent!

…there’s always tomorrow morning (repeat stages 1-16)!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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