Noah’s Surprise!


The wettest June and July since Noah. Shows cancelled, houses flooded, hose-pipe bans lifted and weather forecasters vilified. An almost normal summer here in Baldock! This morning the dove has returned to the Ark with a leaf. Maybe, just maybe, we can break out the shorts…

Half-past five on a Baldock morning
Hardly a cloud up in the sky
It can’t possibly be a Saturday
And certainly not in July!

The Gulf Stream at last has shifted
Apparently has moved up North
We might now get a summer
Rain is needed in the Firth of Forth!

Many shows have been cancelled
At a loss of millions of pounds
Holiday makers have been disappointed
Only ducks have been spellbound!

So I’m off down to the Boot Sale
Leave my boots and coat at home
I might celebrate with a burger
A boot-less farmer-gastronome!

As Bill, who worked here on the farm
(Long-since gone down life’s final drain)
Once said on the first dry day of summer
“Could really do with a drop of rain!”

© Baldock Bard 2012
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