A Quiet Saturday Morning!


Bootsale QThis morning I awoke with a start at 5am. I sat up in bed panicking that I would be late to let the sellers and buyers into the car boot sale field. I then realised that our last sale of the season was last week. I went back to sleep…

The rabbits at the bootsale field,
know that something’s wrong.
Skylarks fluttering overhead,
interrupt their wonderful song.
“Where are they? They all ask,
they should all be here,
there’s not a human to be seen,
Something’s wrong we fear!”

A wise old owl,
with a friendly hoot,
said “End of the season,
no car boot!”

Happy Christmas to all our wonderful customers at the Baldock Car Boot Sales. We’re back after Easter 2016. Also grateful thanks to Grant and Linda for all their hard work catering for the masses – enjoy your Saturday morning lie-ins!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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