Not Google!


Not Google!One of my more modern ambitions is to be caught on Google Street View. Not doing something immoral or disreputable, but just waving or wearing my chicken hat or rubber pigs-head! The other day I thought I’d succeeded, however I was sorely mistaken…

I was driving out of Baldock,
Not going very far,
When I thought up ahead I saw,
A Google camera car!

I put my foot right down,
To appear on the Street View,
But it was a parking-camera car,
You don’t want to get close to!

Mrs Bard had the camera,
Ready to goggle Google,
The reality was different,
Like a Wolf-hound to a poodle!

We had a traffic warden,
Who lived in the town,
She’d give you a chance to move,
As she patrolled around.

But today is all about targets,
And so they have a team,
Jack-booted enforcement arrives:
A nightmare not a dream!

I know we need some rules,
By which some won’t abide.
Let’s have our warden back,
Not a camera car that’s snide!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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