Not Trying Too Hard!


The realisation struck me sometime yesterday that yesterday’s posting was not exactly the finest advert for my drone-flying or photography skills! So I looked back in my archives to find a more realistic example! I suddenly realised that it takes luck as well as skill. The harbour authority in Wells next the Sea have used it as the cover for their 2018 Harbour Guide…

To take a good photo with a drone,
takes a fair bit of luck,
if you haven’t got it,
you might as well quack like a duck!
On holiday in Norfolk,
I had an idea,
(it was in November,
and they don’t have a pier!)
They were digging out the harbour,
a 360 on a barge,
then emptying out to sea,
far from la plage!
I sent out my drone,
to watch it empty in the sea,
the picture turned out perfectly,
no-one surprised more than me!

May your day go better than expected

© Baldock Bard 2018
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