Oh to be a Farmer!


Over the HedgeThere is a very nasty condition that affects almost all farmers. It comprises of an inability to drive in the countryside without looking over the hedge to see what other farmers are doing. In the mainly-arable East of England it is at its height at this time of year…

The Cherrys have their combine out,
So have other farmers.
The Crosses are harvesting,
and so are the Palmers!

I’d better dash home again,
to see if harvest is near.
Carry out a moisture test,
from grain rubbed from the ear!

No it isn’t ready,
combining I can’t go.
Strange there is no difference,
from an hour ago!

To be on the safe side I think I’d better check again as I can hear a combine in the distance…!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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