Oil Crisis!


Oil-fired boilerOut here in the country we have no mains gas. Our central heating has to run on oil, which, unlike gas, can run out. When Mrs Bard was on the phone to a friend the other night she learned that they had problems with their boiler. As a result I was asked to check the level of oil in our tanks. I made a note, which I promptly lost and without the prompt, ignored! Therefore it was no surprise when it was discovered that the boiler had failed on a cold snowy Saturday evening. I set about emergency procedures…

The radiator’s cold,
The boiler’s off,
It’s annoying me no end!

The tank is empty,
The snow is deep,
Sod’s Law it’s the weekend!

I pump some fuel,
From another tank,
Not easy I won’t pretend!

I siphon oil through,
I prime the pump,
Heat through the house I send!

Lesson learned,
A pleasant warmth,
Until next time – Not again!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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