One Man Went To Sweep!


Sweeping SelfieI seem to spend most of my days at this time of year attached to a brush. After the wheat left the farm it was time to outload oats. These are much more dusty, spill easier from the loader bucket and therefore require more attention from the brush. By the time the oats reach your plate the dust has magically disappeared, I’m not surprised, it was all left on the farm…

These days I seem intent,
On wearing out the brush,
I am constantly sweeping,
Always in a rush!
Just when I think I’m done,
Another load of oats go out,
Leaving me sweeping,
Pushing oats about!
Soon it will be over,
The shed will be all clear,
The brush will be redundant,
At least until next year!
Sweeping Selfie 21© Baldock Bard 2014
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