One Small Step!


TripEarlier this week I wrote about John and Jane and their experiences with their windbreak while away on their boating holiday ( Later I heard that Jane had fallen down some stairs and was being treated in A&E. I have to explain here that Jane is many years younger and much fitter than me, therefore it came as a shock when I learnt that she fell, not down a large Cinderella-style staircase, but down two small steps into the boat…

Sometimes the smallest of steps sees you tumble,
The smallest of steps sees you fall,
Just when you’re not expecting it,
You find yourself up against the wall.
It’s not the large bills that scupper,
It’s often those unexpectedly small,
In life it’s that one extra step that is dangerous,
So take care, out there, Y’all!

Take care out there, have a great weekend and hopefully see you again soon.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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